Editor’s Choice: Combatting Cabin Fever

After being sheltered in the warmth indoors for so long avoiding the cold, cabin fever is inevitable. With many events happening this week, it’s time to get out and enjoy what Fargo-Moorhead has to offer.

 NDSU Art Cinema Series

The Fargo Theater hosts the next installment in North Dakota State’s Art Cinema Series on Monday.

The film being featured is a documentary titled “Iris,” which profiles Iris Apfel. Apfel is a 93-year-old style icon who has had an overwhelming influence on the New York fashion scene.

The documentary comes from the same makers of 1975’s “Grey Gardens.”

Admission is $5.

Theatre B Equivocation

As part of ShakespeareFest, Theatre B presents “Equivocation” by Bill Cain. This play reimagines what would happen if Shakespeare were to rewrite the gunpowder plot to blow up parliament.

An ensemble of six inhabits more than forty characters and brings them to life.

The tale shows a more political and social take on Shakespeare amongst all the hijinks.

The show is running from February 5-27.

Granger Smith

Country musician Granger Smith is bringing his tour to the Fargo Theatre. With an already solidified music career, Smith is bound to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable show to be experienced in the unique ambiance of the Theatre.

Tickets are still available and the doors open at 7 p.m. with the show starting at 8.

Hjemkomst: Manifest Destiny and Imprinting the West

The Hjemkomst museum in Moorhead is currently featuring two exhibits, “Manifestation” by Laura Youngbird and “Imprinting the West.”

Both exhibits focus on and examine the colonial westward expansion of America.

Youngbird’s “Manifestation” is an approach to settlers migration westward and the Native American dislocation that came along with it.

“Imprinting the West” features work primarily relevant to Manifest Destiny. With printed imagery from the 19th century, the exhibit contains 48 engravings and lithographs.

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