Early 20th Century: Times Have Changed, but People Still Suck

PHOTO COURTESY OF FLICKR.COM | Hackbridge Electric Construction Co. Ltd., Walton-on Thames, England, or a child's playground.
Hackbridge Electric Construction Co. Ltd., Walton-on Thames, England, or a child’s playground.

Society thinks just because a near century passes, people are somehow different. They aren’t. If you think back, I’m sure you can draw some connections between present day and, say, the early 20th century. Hell, you might even get a nostalgia trip.

Kids will generally pass the time in the same way. At first you’re playing with sticks, be them joy or wood, and your parents want nothing more than for you to shut up and read a book. They’ll tell you you’re wasting your time, but of course that just makes it all the more fun.

Then you get older and your interests change a bit. Who else remembers going to the drug store and sneaking into the back because there was a speakeasy and you wanted to get tanked before driving to your second shift at the factory? God, I loved seventh grade.

Can’t forget war. War never changes (Fallout? Anyone? Just me? OK). Some of you are already getting a little anxious, but don’t worry I’m just stating the facts. World War I was a controversial war because it was half-way across the world and people didn’t fully understand why the U.S. should even get involved. Sound at all familiar?

Then there’s drugs. Alcohol during prohibition is essential what pot is today. Again, please store your pitchforks and pipes respectfully. I’m just gonna talk about their relationship with the law.

See it’s kinda like being a parent when your kid is screaming for ice cream. You just sit there saying “No, it’s bad for you. Now go play in traffic so mommy can day drink in peace.” But they just keep. On. Screaming. Every 10 seconds you have to stand up, shut the freezer, pick them up, shake them a bit, hope you shake them a little too hard and set them in the corner. Despite all the effort, though, you know they’re just going to go after it again. You start to wonder “What’s one bowl? What’s one bowl against my sanity?” Eventually you just look away and let it happen.

So see, life isn’t that different. Kids will kill time, teenager’s will kill brain cells, governments will kill whoever looks at them funny and drugs will kill more time. It all goes full circle. Remember, life isn’t so different. History repeats itself, or whatever.

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