Carson Wentz

Eagles Fans or Wentz Fans?

The Minnesota Vikings travel to Philadelphia on Sunday to take on the Eagles. This is a big match-up if you are a fan of the Vikings. The defense for Minnesota will see the rookie quarterback, and NDSU alumnus, Carson Wentz.

This is a huge match-up for there are many Vikings fans in the area, as well as Carson Wentz fans. I say Wentz fans for the fact we are really rooting for Wentz to do well.

Honestly, how many of you are actually an Eagles fan? How many other Eagles players can you name? Go ahead, I’ll wait. To be honest, I can name only a few more players on the Eagles roster, not a lot, but a few. Are there some here that are true Eagles fans? Yes. I know of one. I am in no way an Eagles fan, but I am hoping Wentz plays well.

Still, I would feel like this no matter the team he would have been drafted to; if he went number one to the Rams or if the Browns didn’t trade away the second overall pick. I hope you guys would too. Not only for Wentz, but all the former Bison in the National Football League.

Coming from Minnesota, I am a diehard Vikings fan. It will be hard to see my favorite team going against a guy I used to cheer for on Saturdays. Overall, I want the Vikings to win this game. Yet, I hope Wentz plays well enough that the game is exciting and competitive. 

We are all aware that Vikings starting quarterback Sam Bradford was traded to Minnesota back on Sept. 3 after the injury to Teddy Bridgewater. Without the injury to Bridgewater, who knows where the teams could be at this point. It will be exciting to see Bradford return to Philly.

Many Eagles fans were happy to see Bradford go. At least everything I saw on social media after the trade was final. Now that he is playing well this year, I wonder what type of reaction he will draw on Sunday.

This will be a big test for Wentz as the Vikings defense is arguably the best defense in the league. With two losses in a row being the only losses they have, it will be a tough task for Philadelphia to get back on track like they were to start out the year. Philadelphia’s offense is at the bottom of the league and No. 22 when it comes to average yards per game with 338.8 yards. This offense is going against a very solid defense in Minnesota, ranked second in an average of 287.6 yards a game. This will be the toughest defense this Eagles team will see so far in this young season.

When it comes to the opposite side of things, the Eagles’ defense is favored over the Vikings’ offense. The Minnesota offense is ranked No. 30 in average yards per game with 302.6 yards per game. Philadelphia’s defense is ranked No. 6 in yards per game averaging giving up 312 yards per game.

The next two defenses behind Philadelphia are the Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans. With both these teams, the Vikings were able to move the ball well. In the last two games, the Eagles defense allowed Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins to move the ball. The Vikings should be able to do the same.

Overall, this game is going to be very competitive. With both teams having a top defense, it is going to be a slug fest. I say a low scoring game where the Vikings do come out on top moving to 6-0 and the Eagles fall to 3-3 losing, three in a row.

I hope it is a good competitive game and Wentz plays well. Wentz looks like he is the quarterback of the future for the Eagles, but they just need to get him some help to be contenders.  

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