Do you know about RHA Cinema?

A hidden perk of living in the residence halls

RHA Cinema has something for everyone.

A new school year means a whole new slew of students who are unaware of a great perk they have access to if they live on campus. That perk comes in the form of the huge movie library known as the RHA Cinema.

The RHA Cinema gives anyone living on campus access to over 100 different movies. There are many gems and some duds.

Passing up the opportunity to utilize this amazing perk while you can would be a mistake.

To help convince you to use this amazing service here is quick reviews of some of the great films that can be found on the site.


“BlacKkKlansman” tells the surprisingly real story of the first African American detective, Ron Stallworth, in the Colorado Springs Police Department infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan and exposing its dastardly ways.

It is a powerful and gripping tale made all the more potent when you know it is true. With a stellar cast headed by John David Washington and Adam Driver anyone watching this will not be disappointed; not to mention the incredible award-winning writing and direction from Spike Lee.

This film is a true gem and is available to anyone on campus for free. You will not want to miss it.

‘Pokémon Detective Pikachu’

The one thing most children wanted when they were younger was a real-life Pokémon.

This film gets us the closest we can be to that dream, albeit with a little more Ryan Reynolds than our younger self thought.

“Detective Pikachu” tells the story of Tim Goodman and his quest to find his missing father in a world full of Pokémon. With him is a wise cracking Pikachu wearing a detective’s hat, voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

Usually Pokémon don’t talk, but somehow Tim can hear and understand this Pikachu while no one else can.

What ensues is a great hour and 45 minutes of fun.

It is not a perfect movie, but it will have your inner child squealing with delight throughout its runtime.


It is no secret that DC films are either hit or miss but “Aquaman” is definitely a hit.

Jason Momoa makes the man who can talk to fish cool.

This film has people riding sharks, fighting underwater gladiator battles and even fish people. It is hours of just dumb fun and is one of the more entertaining DC films.

It is not a perfect movie as well, but what it lacks in perfection it makes up for in ridiculous dumb fun and some pretty awesome action sequences.


The Transformers franchise was not well liked when this film came out. The scripts were dull, acting subpar and there were way too many explosions.

This film changed all that.

“Bumblebee” revitalized the franchise with a new writer, new characters and smaller stakes.

Penned as a sequel to the original series, though it also feels like a reboot, “Bumblebee” follows our beloved Bumblebee in his first days on Earth. He is discovered by a teenager named Charlie, played by Hailee Steinfield, who revives him, plunging herself into an alien war.

While it has the usual tropes that come with giant robots fighting, it also packs a lot of heart and great writing. It feels like a fresh new take on Transformers that was desperately needed.

If you like action films or “coming-of-age-with-an-alien” stories, then this is the film for you.


Another pretty well-made DC film, and one of the best reviewed ones.

It’s the most refreshing and one of the most fun films in the DCEU.

“Shazam!” tells the story of Billy Batson, a 14-year-old orphan who discovers a magic staff and becomes a superhero but only when he yells “shazam”. Upon yelling “shazam” he becomes an adult superhero.

The film feels a lot like if “Big” was a superhero movie set in the DCEU. It’s fun, funny and just an overall good time that won’t disappoint.

‘A Star is Born’

If you want to be an emotional wreck this is the film for you. Starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper this film will take you for a ride.

Its all about love, music and depression. It will have you singing along at the best parts and crying out your tears at the darkest. The chemistry you will see on camera will make it feel real.

Do not miss this one.

There of course are even more films on the RHA Cinema. There is at least one film on there that you will enjoy.

If you can’t find something, don’t fret as there is even a suggestion box where you can submit your own ideas. It may not be added but it’s worth the shot.

All of this is available for free to anyone living in a residence hall, so go watch some films.

All it takes is a quick google search for RHA Cinema and you’ll be having movie parties in no time, just don’t forget the popcorn.

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