Do You Have the Need for Speed?

Jessica, one of Tyler’s crew members from ‘Need for Speed: Payback,’ hangs out before a fueled-up mission.

Are you in the mood for a little revenge? Maybe doing so while driving tricked out cars?

“Need for Speed: Payback,” developed by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts, delivers this in spades and releases tomorrow, Nov. 10.

After Tyler, Mac and Jessica were double crossed, during what was supposed to be an easy heist, they are back with a vengeance.

Using their specialties in different types of driving, Tyler and his crew will participate in quests against street leagues. Winning against the leagues will open up opportunities to take on the bosses of each league and then move a car length closer to victory.

What is a racing game without a little self-expression?

“Need for Speed: Payback” allows total customization for your ride to look its best. Customization options also include being able to make your own wraps. A wrap for a car is basically wrapping a vehicle with words as advertisement or livery. (Thank you, Google definitions.)

The only downside to being able to write whatever you want on your vehicles is that if it is profane, you can get banned. So remember to stay polite, you badass drivers.

With all the races you are sure to win, you will be amassing quite a fortune to spend as you please, at least in the virtual world. Customize your speed machine with the best equipment that will help you win races. Plus, adding cosmetics will make your car look good while racing.

What about showing others around the world your awesome custom cars?

Online matchmaking allows you to race the best and become the best. The first mode available is the Casual Speedlists, which is a mode where racers participate in five event tournaments and afterward, one winner is crowned.

The second is the Ranked Speedlists, where players are placed together based on their rank.

The things for players to do offline are complete story mode missions and the option to explore Fortune Valley, the game’s setting.

Being offline does eliminate a couple of the perks you get while playing online. Completing quests and missions bring you well deserved rewards, but you can only access your loot once you connect online.

This game is racing toward you at high gear. Do you have the need for speed?

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