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Do More With What You Have

This is my first year writing for the sports section at The Spectrum.

And I’m a student-athlete — a member of the Bison women’s golf team.

And last year I was a teacher’s assistant in the notorious Math 103.

And I even found myself coaching eighth grade boys’ basketball at Sullivan Middle School.

Everyone is busy. And I’m not about to argue that my schedule is busier than yours.

But I will urge everyone — both student-athletes and non student-athletes — to do more.

Do more of what you’re interested in.

As far as being a student-athlete goes, I’m probably the least busy I will be all year.

Women’s golf competes in the Summit League, and we play a dual-season. Which means we are in season during the fall and the spring.

In short, we only have two full months “off” where we are not in season: November and December.

The first day of spring semester, we can be found under the bubble over Dacotah Field on the north side of campus hitting hundreds of balls into the end zone.

As soon as our fall season ends (right before Halloween), we will start lifting weights with our beloved coach Adam Mead for the remainder of the school year, including through the spring season.

How do you do get involved more if you are already busy?

My first advice is to be efficient. I believe efficiency is an underrated trait in successful people, and it’s a skill everyone can hone.

Here are some examples:

  • Instead of being on your phone between when you get to class and class starts, take those five minutes to make a to-do list. This list can be mentally or actually write it down (I use Post-It notes).
  • Do more than one thing at a time. My teammate is always late because she stands in the bathroom and brushes her teeth for two minutes, while I’m brushing mine and simultaneously packing my bag.
  • Eat in class. Not only will chomping on that apple help keep you awake, it will save the time you would spend eating later.

And last, do not be so quick to judge.

When joining a new group on campus it might be easy to sit back and think about how the people in the room are nerds.

But what these nerds have is passion — something of which you can never have too much.

Go to the Exercise Science Club meetings or even go to the Math Club meetings. There are so many ways to break out of your comfortable niche.

Plus, most of the clubs offer free meals, a good money-saving trick as well as a time-saver.

And who doesn’t like pizza?

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