No more stovetops in dining centers

Much like the wellness center, the dining centers are also making some amazing changes. You know the stovetops where you can make your own food? Well, say goodbye to those puppies!

That’s right. Starting next fall, the dining centers will be adding mini coffee shops. A survey was conducted about things college students rely on, and coffee topped the list with nicotine and sleep at a close second and third.

These shops will be set up in the West and Union Dining Centers. It will not be in Residence because the Bison Beanery already exists. Instead, there’s just going to be nothing there. You can never have too much coffee, right?!

Who needed those pesky stovetops anyway? Let’s be honest: nobody ever used them. They were there solely for show and nothing more.

You can’t tell me you actually made eggs and pancakes for breakfast there, or even got your ham a little crispier for your sandwich. I know that’s not the case.

You would much rather prefer whatever the workers are making. Why wouldn’t you? They always (I mean always; nothing is ever bad at the dining centers) have good options, and you never have to do anything.

The addition of these coffee shops will benefit students in a hurry to class, which makes for a decent population of students. There will be cups of coffee already prepared anyway you like it (with cream, sugar, black or whatever). You can just stop in quickly, grab a cup and then continue on your trek to your class you’ve been dying to go to. This will prevent you from being tardy to your class because you won’t have to make the coffee yourself.

This will also save the dining centers some money because they won’t have to pay for the eggs, ham, bacon bits, onions, et cetera to put by the stovetops. Instead, they have to buy the much more reasonable coffee beans, cream, sugar, cups, et cetera. Some would call this an ideal tradeoff.

You might be wondering why we care about how much the dining centers make, but once that money is used toward something cool like adding more parking spots, you’ll be grateful.

With that, I’ll say so long to the stovetops. I never really used you anyway.

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