Through carnage can you attain salvation?

Destroy endless hell-spawn in ‘Demon Pit’

Demon Pit releases this Thursday.

Since it is currently spooky season, scary forces of the dark have come to terrify and otherwise horrify. For most people, this is a time of fear and confusion– but not you. You are a demon hunter. “Demon Pit” by Psychic Software and DoomCube will be released Oct. 17, for personal computers (PC), Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

“Demon Pit” is an arcade-style arena shooter with a classic 90s aesthetic. The goal of the game is simple: fight against unending hordes of demons and the damned.

After years of fighting and slaughtering demons in the mortal realm to clean your souls, your actions are without merit. This constant fight against evil has done little to cleanse your soul.

Your sins have been put on display and your judgment has arrived. Damned for all eternity is your punishment, and the pit is your home.

Get ready to kill some demons.


You can’t have fun in hell without an assortment of weapons.

Armed with a shotgun, sniper rifle, flamethrower, submachine gun, plasma gun, rocket launcher and your trusty pistol, bring a whole new meaning to a world of pain.

Along with this variation of high-powered weaponry is a soul grapple which allows you to swing out of tough spots in the arena.

How long can you last with these useful tools?

Demons to fight

Battle ten types of hideous hellspawn in this quick shooter. From spooky scary skeletons to masochistic ghouls and flying skull-crab-things, there are some creatures in hell that need an administration of lead and explosives.

Move or be consumed

If you want a chance at redemption and heaven, you have to keep moving. The creatures in “Demon Pit” will not stop and neither should you. Make sure to keep running and gunning to have the edge.

Compete against other damned

What’s a brutal hellscape where the only release is evisceration by demons without a little competition? It’s boring.

Compete against other hunters on the leaderboard to secure a spot on top. Keep on killing demons and rack up bonus points on the multiplier to show how good at killing demons you are.

With a neat 90s aesthetic, smooth gameplay and gunplay, “Demon Pit” offers quick gameplay and fun.

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