Delta Tau Delta Raises Money for Diabetes Foundation

BETH BURDOLSKI | THE SPECTRUM DTD President Jasper Asplin serves up some knoephla for a fellow greek member, Gabe Zempi.
DTD President Jasper Asplin serves up some knoephla for a fellow greek member, Gabe Zempi.

The third annual knoephla feed hosted by the Delta Tau Delta fraternity raised $2,450 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation on Monday at the University Lutheran Center.

“This is a really neat cause, because (donations) help provide kids with (type-one-diabetes) pumps for penicillin, as well as any of the research that the foundation does,” Jasper Asplin, president of Delta Tau Delta and a senior majoring in accounting, said.

Delta Tau Delta is a young fraternity at North Dakota State and has been on campus for roughly four years now.

“It’s awesome for (our) fraternity because I think a lot of publicity for fraternities and sororities is often bad,”Justin Warner, vice president of the fraternity and a senior majoring in architecture, said. “This is a way to show all the good fraternities do because we do a lot, and unfortunately that doesn’t make the news.”

Members of the fraternity figured around 300-350 people showed up to experience the knoephla soup and and cold sandwich meal.

“It’s kind of a stressful process, getting it all together, a lot of planning,” Warner said. “Knoephla … takes a lot of prep and a lot of odd ingredients to make.”

Asplin said he was really excited to see students and Fargo-Moorhead community members come out and show support for the foundation.

“We had quite a few community members come out, which is really exciting, especially since we are a Greek organization. It’s cool being the non-stereotypical Greek organization,” Asplin said.

Before the knoephla event, Delta Tau Delta fraternity members went door-to-door around the F-M area asking people for donations.

Within two to three hours, the fraternity raised over $900.

“It’s really special just to see the Fargo-Moorhead community being so willing to donate to a good cause,” Asplin said.

Michael Dietz, the Delta Tau Delta philanthropy coordinator and a junior majoring in pharmaceutical sciences, conducted most of the event. Other members of the fraternity helped Dietz guide the process in the right direction.

“(Dietz) helped set up pretty much this whole (event), and some of our moms helped out as well, so we have to give them most of the credit for cooking the knoephla,” Asplin said.

The fraternity rented out a kitchen in downtown Fargo and Warner said they worked all Monday cutting vegetables, making sandwiches and preparing the meal for the NDSU students and members of the F-M community.

Warner mentioned waiting for the soup to finish took the longest, totaling roughly five hours. The fraternity also helped make 500 sandwiches, which were not all eaten.

Asplin and Warner thought the knoephla tasted amazing, and if they had to rate it on a scale of one to 10, it would definitely be an 11.

Asplin said this event was exceptionally influential because whenever you can put a name to a cause or help out any individuals, it really means something special.

“It’s good to get our name out there,” Warner said. “And it’s good to actually do something good for the community and give back.”

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  1. The pumps that type one diabetics use are for insulin because their body is unable to produce it! Always want the public to be as informed as possible when it comes things like this 🙂

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