Defining Taboo

The contents of this newspaper discuss topics that some readers may find to be disturbing or traumatic.

The Spectrum’s Taboo Issue is meant to discuss topics we do not openly talk about in society or those things that are not openly accepted in American culture.

A taboo is defined as something that is deemed improper by society to speak about. 

The Taboo Issue is a platform to talk about what we don’t talk about, explore topics that stray from popular opinion and facilitate in the continued conversation of sensitive topics.

According to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics, it is the responsibility of the ethical journalist to “support the open and civil exchange of views, even views they find repugnant.”

The purpose of this paper is not to reaffirm what you already believe. This issue may challenge your currently held beliefs as it covers subject matter that is generally not given precedence.

While the material discussed in the contents of this newspaper is not necessarily endorsed or condoned by The Spectrum staff, we do believe that it is beneficial for the public to know in order to be well-informed members of society. 

The Spectrum is not defining what is good or bad, but merely presenting the information with no bias so that the reader can make that judgment for themself. It is the citizen’s responsibility to stay informed on the issues affecting their community.

The first and foremost function of this issue is as a vessel of education. Education is not always comfortable, but it is fundamental to make a reasoned decision. Take this edition of the newspaper not as an opportunity to be offended, but as a chance to become aware of present issues and perspectives.

Citizens need to be educated and aware of all facets of society if they wish to successfully dwell in it. That is what The Spectrum aims to achieve through the Taboo Issue.

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