Craft Night at Unglued


This past Tuesday evening, I attended one of the many workshops offered by local craft vendor Unglued.

This workshop featured creator Lexie Rundquist of Aerow. At the workshop we made soy candles and rose Himalayan salt scrubs. The ticket for the workshop included all the supplies, which you get to take home after.

We started by decorating our candle jars with gold foil, then choosing our desired scent before pouring the wax in the jar. While the candles cooled, we got started on the salt scrubs. Rundquist explained to the class how all of the components of the scrub are beneficial.

Dried rose petals were the first ingredient in the scrub, and it was explained to us that rose is wonderful for your skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties. With the ongoing winter season, we added coconut oil to the scrub as a moisturizing property.

The Himalayan salt was the most important ingredient because of the several health benefits it carries, such as healing sore muscles, increasing blood flow and helping to balance the pH of your skin.

The finished products were only half the fun.

Rundquist made the experience easy and entertaining by having everyone at the workshop get to know each other before we got crafting, and she provided easy to follow instructions that even the least crafty of people could follow.

When asked about her favorite part of the classes at Unglued, Rundquist commented, “The vibe is super fun. Also, the small class sizes. People connect that way. I’ve had a few people who have actually met friends here.”

Unglued’s workshops are held either inside the shop where the environment is intimate and draws a smaller crowd or at Prairie Den where the classes can reach up to 30 people.

The main thing that Rundquist wants people to know about the workshops at Unglued is that they’re available to anyone who wants to spend an evening crafting and getting to know others in the area.

Some of their upcoming workshops include monogram stamp carving on April 17, glass etching and concrete coasters on April 24 and hand lettering practice on April 25. These events and more can be found on Unglued’s Facebook page. All events include a description of the workshop and a link to purchase tickets.

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