Covid-19 and challenges of online learning

John Swanson | Photo Courtesy
COVID-19 has caused learning to shift in many ways

Online learning has created challenges for students including isolation and stress

It is no doubt that the pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives. Most colleges across the nation have had to implement some form of change in order to protect the health of their students- from social distancing protocols and mask mandates to the complete cessation of in-person instruction. Online school has presented its own challenges for students.

Social isolation was a common theme when North Dakota State University students were asked about the most difficult part of adjusting to online school. Student Colton Anderson said that social distancing has made it difficult to interact with others. “I’ve turned down invitations to parties because I didn’t want to risk it,” he said.

Anderson sways on the cautious side when it comes to social interactions. “It’s frustrating [not being able to safely engage in certain social activities] but I don’t want to get sick and then get someone else sick. This is a deadly virus.” 

For other students, the nature of online instruction is the most challenging aspect. Student Riley Cronen also shared his experience. “Stress is a huge problem as it is. It’s even harder when you have difficulty communicating with teachers because you can’t see them face-to-face.” 

This semester has been a challenging one for many students at NDSU. Nevertheless, as many wrap up the semester within the next week, it is a reminder that perseverance will always yield victory. 

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