Conundrum Column: Kendall Jenner, Just Quit


Note: This column serves to address various issues of pretty much any nature. These issues may be ones that are frustrating, annoying or even humorous. Reader attention is advised.

Kendall Jenner is a spoiled, privileged, boring girl.

I may receive some backlash for this rant, but there is plenty of existing evidence to prove that Jenner is not deserving of the success she has received in the fashion industry thus far.

It begins with the fact that she, along with her entire family, has overstepped the tabloid royalty status and infiltrated every sub-cultural industry possible. What used to be a compact, avoidable phenomenon has turned into an all-out invasion.

Complete takeover of pop culture is one thing; deciding to pass as relevant or knowledgeable in high fashion is another.

Don’t get me wrong, Jenner is a pretty girl – but there are plenty of plain, pretty girls in the world who aren’t landing spots on Marc Jacobs’ runway or 12-page spreads in U.S. Vogue.

My two biggest complaints side with the fact that she is unqualified for the type of work she is doing, and her success was merely handed to her due to her last name.

If Jenner were strictly producing commercial-level work, my frustration would cease to exist. She is somewhat tall, somewhat thin and somewhat pretty – a very teenage girlish-type appeal.

These wishy-washy average qualifications work perfectly in CoverGirl campaigns but hardly stand up next to her supermodel competitors in group photos.

Take Givenchy’s Fall 2015 campaign for example, shot by the great Mert and Marcus – with Jenner posed beside industry powerhouses Mariacarla Boscono, Jamie Bochert and Julia Nobis. The staunch differences in looks and skill level are undeniable.

WEB_kendall_3206415aThe other major issue resides in the fact that while Jenner is simply bored and looking for further recognition, she is taking work from girls who need it.

No sympathy is offered for Jenner when industry regulars are rude to her backstage. Most of those girls are reeling from underprivileged eastern European countries and are working strictly to feed themselves and their families back at home.

Models putting out cigarettes in her water, or teasing via social media, seem less serious when the context of their anger is revealed.

Jenner can continue playing dress up while their 15 minutes of fame (within the industry) fizzles out.

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