Conundrum Column: ‘I Just Failed That Test’

Note: This column serves to address various issues of pretty much any nature. These issues may be ones that are frustrating, annoying or even humorous. Reader attention is advised.

Since high school, one phrase seems to get spout out multiple times after nearly every test: “Oh my gosh, I totally just failed that test.” Granted, I understand sometimes a test just topples over you. I have had this feeling in my own academic career. But what I am alluding to specifically is the people who always feel the need to drop this little fun fact whenever they walk out of taking a test.

I have had friends, and still have friends in college, like this. It gets annoying because there is a 99 percent chance they, in fact, did not fail. After the two hours or so of studying, I find it hard to believe you failed.

This behavior, at least to me, comes across as sort of fishing for confidence. Similar to how people will deprecate themselves in an attempt to get others to pay them compliments. It happens all the time on Facebook, trust me. It comes across like these people are hoping somebody will come up to them and console them by informing them just how smart they are. Stop fishing for these compliments.

I think the other side to always informing the people around you of your belief in impending failure is to drastically lower your expectations. I get why people don’t want to have unrealistic expectations for themselves, but this is not one of those situations. If you don’t actually believe you failed but are just trying to somehow trick yourself into thinking you did so well, why bother? The whole process is ridiculous. Seriously, just have a little faith in yourself, especially if you put all that time into studying.

People don’t enjoy indulging those who wallow in self-pity. So don’t go around fishing for confidence through compliments and stop trying to hide your actual performance expectations. It is annoying those around you.

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