Disney Set to Release New Star Wars TV Series

Once again, Star Wars is at the forefront of new media being released by Disney.

The super company is getting ready to release a new Star Wars show on their Disney and Disney XD channels. Plus, another season of the renowned “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” television show will be making headlines on Disney’s own private, Netflix-esque streaming service coming out late 2019.

“Star Wars Resistance,” is the title of the new TV show, which premieres on the Disney Channel Oct. 7 and will then be moved to scheduled times for Disney XD Oct. 24. The show follows a group of Resistance members who are tasked with training new recruits to become pilots and spies in preparation to infiltrate First Order operations in the galaxy.

“Star Wars Resistance” seems like it will be a somewhat enjoyable kids’ show by the looks of the trailer. I’m going to put in my own two cents here by saying even after the big box office flop of “The Last Jedi,” I will give this show a chance. Maybe it can change my mind about this sequel era. Doubt it. I know it’s meant for kids, but I like Star Wars too much to not give it a chance.

There is already a lot of fan backlash about this new show not including people who grew up with Star Wars. Rather, it seems to be excluding them by only targeting a 10 years and younger audience. I will admit, I am one of the people that believes Disney needs to rethink how they are using the Star Wars license, but we shall see.

For a little backstory, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” started airing episodes a decade ago. The show’s episodes took place between the movies “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones” and “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.” The show did a great job expanding the universe with new characters, backstories, worlds and drama. Altogether, it does Star Wars a great service. Therefore, the new season of the show is much exalted by many fans.

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars” is set to be back in action with 12 new episodes with a sound conclusion to the much-loved TV show. These final episodes are supposed to tie up loose ends in the series and leave off exactly how “Revenge of the Sith” begins. There is no release date yet apparently, but they will be making their debut sometime in late 2019.

What makes these episodes even better is the man, the myth, the legend Dave Filoni is behind the wheel of how they are being created and handled. Some of these episodes were even a part of the unfinished episodes leaked by Lucasfilm in 2014. This happened after being bought out by Disney in 2012 before the seventh season could be released.

I am personally excited about this new season of “Clone Wars.” The prequel era of Star Wars is my favorite, and I cannot get enough of it.

Between the two series, there is an exciting amount of new stuff happening in a galaxy far, far away.

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