Clinton Opens a New Page for Women

COURTESY OF | GG2.NET Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, recently announced her intent to campaign for presidency in 2016.
Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, recently announced her intent to campaign for presidency in 2016.

As if it were really a surprise to anyone, Hillary Clinton has announced she is running for president. I am one happy feminist.

There has been much speculation ever since Barack Obama beat her in the 2008 primaries, but she has kept quiet and succeeded in keeping all her supporters on the edges of their seats for years.

Cue the hate mongering. I have already seen tons of anti-Hillary propaganda, and we aren’t even officially in election season. There are other posts floating around dogging Rand Paul and Ted Cruz but nothing quite like what Clinton is going to endure.

We live in a unique time where women finally have the respect and backing from a lot of people in America to be able to run for president, but they are still thought of as inferior to men by some. I think it’s important that we look at the gender gap that is sure to come to the forefront of the election.

As the first woman to run for president, Clinton is going to be faced with new challenges her male counterparts won’t face. I have full faith that she will be able to brave the sexism and come out swinging.

This isn’t even about the issues each candidate will stand for. They will each take their turn enduring criticism and full blown mockery from the media and each other, but I am specifically talking about the mockery Clinton will have to endure just for being a woman.

I have already seen articles and posts about women not knowing their place and how she is on a power trip. Why the disrespect? What is it based on?

I am not a fan of Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin, but I don’t like that they had to go through the same thing when they were in the public eye talking about the presidency. The massive amount of disrespect they got was completely unwarranted.

Instead of attacking the positions they held on important issues, they were attacked for being women. They were labeled as “emotionally unstable” and “menopausal” among other ridiculous things.

Women have enough problems trying to earn respect from men. On average, we still make 78 cents on the dollar to what men make for the same work.

Other countries have women presidents and other power positions. We are starting to fill that gap in our own legislation. But we still have a long way to go.

Please, when you’re thinking about who to vote for, look at the issues the candidates stand for and vote based on that instead of their gender. Let’s move America forward and show the world that we aren’t just a bunch of old, white men.

We can be a leader in gender equality.

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