Classic Albums Live! Bring ‘Rumours’ to FM

Classic Albums Live! steers away from cheesy costumes and gimmicks of tribute bands.

Fans of iconic ’70s rock band Fleetwood Mac were given the opportunity to relive the magic of the band’s defining second album “Rumours” thanks to Classic Albums Live! on Jan. 4 at the Fargo Theatre.

The massive performing troupe headquartered out of Toronto is known for their faithful performances of beloved classic rock albums without all the gimmicks of costumes and fake accents.

The crew performing at the Fargo Theatre included Mia Sheard emulating Stevie Nicks’ iconic vocals, Julie Mahendran on the keys and filling out Lindsey Buckingham’s tenor along with Mike Slute on rhythm guitar, Shain Honkonen mastering Buckingham’s guitar and backup vocals, James Taylor on bass and Troy Feener taking up Mick Fleetwood’s unique drum-style.

As with all Classic Albums Live! shows, the concert was split into two parts. The first is the main event, with a front to back run through of the album without any stage banter or acknowledgment of the audience. One song bleeds into the next with fade-outs in live time. The second is made up of more songs by the band from various other albums, but this time with audience interaction.

The audience in the Fargo Theatre crowd was full of so much energy that Mahendran mentioned it during the second half of the concert, thanking the crowd for their enthusiasm. Songs from the second half included “Gold Dust Woman,” “Rhiannon” and “Say You Love Me” among others.

Even with the built-in encore, impassioned cries for “One more song” rang throughout the theater.

There is no doubt that Fargo classic rock fans eagerly await Classic Albums Live!’s next concert in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

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