Class Project Promotes Philanthropy

Students in the leadership in organizations course led by Tim O. Peterson are working to raise funds for a cause to complete a class project, which provides tangible value to a nonprofit organization.

The students are working to fund the purchase of activity bags for children of patients at the VA Medical Center on Elm Street in Fargo. The bags will be delivered Monday.

Junior Jason Guo said he has had a lot of boxes sitting at his house for about three weeks now and he is excited to prepare the bags.

Guo said he hopes “these bags will make someone’s life better.” 

“We wanted to find stuff that was more durable than other items to last longer, as some of these children will go home and not have anything except for that one toy,” Guo said.  

He also looks forward to delivering the bags and mentions the course’s contact at the VMC is getting in touch with the hospital’s directors to meet with students from the organization during Monday’s drop-off.

Guo’s team, Faith, Adaptability, Communication, Trust and Responsibility, also known as FACTR, in the course has put on five different fundraisers throughout the semester.  He said the fundraising process is “very exciting” and has been the best part of the process thus far.

“It’s been a collaborative effort and we’re learning a very valuable transferable skill,” Guo said.

“The community feedback has also been amazing,” Torey Rohloff, a senior who is also in the six-member FACTR group, said. “They’re willing to donate to a cause that helps veterans and children and it’s amazing.”

“It’s a double whammy,” Guo said.

By Monday, FACTR hopes to have raised $4,000. At press time, they group was $700 short of that goal and had three fundraisers left in the week.

One, an art show which will be held Monday and Tuesday in the Barry Hall Atrium and feature artwork from local Fargo-Moorhead artists chosen by a FACTR member, Guo said. The event is open to the public with all proceeds go to help the cause.  Guests can donate and receive a raffle ticket based on how many times they’d like to vote for their favorite artwork.  The first day will be the preliminary round and the second day will be the finals.

FACTR also sent letters to North Dakota lawmakers to raise awareness for their cause. Guo said their support has been invaluable in this fundraising process.

Rohloff said it has been an honor to work with and support the VMC.

“They gave us a direction and a goal and they’ve been supportive throughout the entire process,” Rolloff said.

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