Enjoy Arabian Nights in the ‘City of Brass’

Game from Uppercut Games comes to the Nintendo Switch

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From gameplay to graphics, ‘City of Brass’ is a masterpiece.

From the desert wastes rises “City of Brass” by Uppercut Games, with the help of senior developers known for their work with the “BioShock” video game franchise. The game will be fully released Feb. 8 for the Nintendo Switch.

In the game, you play as a thief attempting to steal a valuable treasure at the heart of the “Arabian Nights-themed metropolis” City of Brass.


Armed with a scimitar (a curved sabre/sword) and an extremely useful whip, make your way on a harrowing adventure through streets, alleys and squares that crisscross the stunning cityscape. Do this all while under the constant threat from a variety of evil spirits trying to stop you.

Using the scimitar and whip combo allows the player to slash, lash, disarm, trip and stun enemies while simultaneously dodging obstacles like poisonous gas traps and deadly pits. However, those same obstacles can also be used to dispose of those pesky wicked spirits.


Choose one of six adventurers that will face the hostile insides of the City of Brass: the Fool, Traveler, Soldier, Brigand, Hellion or Revenant. Each character comes with an assortment of exclusive weapons, equipment and strengths and weaknesses that accommodate a mixture of play styles.

Treasure and loot

Under the threat from an ever-decreasing amount of time and enemies around every corner, this game can be difficult. However, there are opportunities to make each run through the city more worth the time than the last. Collecting treasure to increase your score and looting chests for weapon and armor as well as magical relics will be useful rewards for future encounters.


Spread throughout the city are mostly friendly genies, who act as merchants. They will grant a total of three wishes, as well as allow you to sell loot for item upgrades and protections.

Smooth gameplay

The gameplay of “City of Brass” features “rhythmic interplay of blade and lash,” which “has been carefully tuned along with sprinting, crouching, sliding, leaping and vaulting to give a fluid, balanced and natural feel to the movement and melee,” suggesting a smooth immersive experience for every adventurer going into the city.


No playthrough will be the same: “Play, die and play again, each time using what you’ve learned to get further.” This gives the game replayability, which offers the player a chance to go about a certain area differently than the last time.

Blessings and burdens

Lastly, Blessings and Burdens are optional modifiers that can be used to increase survivability or add disadvantages, which further alters the replayability of the game. They can be used at the beginning of the game, and they allow for an easier experience. For instance, Blessings can increase a player’s health or increase the damage output of weapons.

In contrast, Burdens can decrease health or make weapons as effective as wet paper. The choice is up to players on how they want to experience the city.

Graphics and audio

“City of Brass” looks vibrant and full of life, disregarding for the moment that the actual city is full of dangerous undead spirits. The desert sands sweeping through the winding streets containing spirits embedded in corpses look beautiful. Shape and textures pop out and beg to be noticed by the player.

Along with the engaging art style, which has a certain cartoonish panache, the audio complements the graphics with a stereotypical mysterious rhythm many can connect to Arabic culture. Combining the ney (an Arabic version of the flute) with an orchestra of pipes and drums with the sounds of slashing swords and falling bones, “City of Brass” hosts an atmospheric ensemble within its bejeweled gates.


“City of Brass” is already out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and available in the Steam store, but has now arrived for owners of the Nintendo Switch. Will you be able to defeat and outsmart the many foes and obstacles in your way? Pick up your sword, your whip and venture forth with courage and daring in your heart to seize the riches that lay inside the City of Brass.

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