Chris Klieman Pulled Over for Driving With Too Many Championship Rings

The Brookings Police Department announced Tuesday that it made a “completely routine” traffic stop of North Dakota State football head coach Chris Klieman on Interstate 29 over the weekend.

BPD officer Justin Sell pulled Klieman over after spotting the Bison head coach driving the speed limit with both hands on the steering wheel. Sell claims he noted Klieman was wearing what he described as “four or five, maybe even six, gaudy rings,” which he suspected commemorated NDSU’s national titles.

“I had to make a quick judgement to ensure the safety of our city,” Sell explained. “Seeing those rings on his fingers not only made me personally jealous, but also threatened the sanctity of our city, which incidentally has never won a football championship.”

After Klieman pulled over to the side of the road, Sell shined his flashlight into the car and caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a playbook, jackrabbit voodoo doll and a “hideously offensive” amount of officially branded championship T-shirts, hoodies and hats in the back seat.

“He posed a major threat to the safety of our citizens. I don’t lose sleep over my actions that night,” Sell remarked.

Sell called in backup, which came in the form of three other squad cars and the K9 unit. After roughly an hour and a half, Klieman was brought in for processing, after which he was released when President Dean Bresciani posted his bond.

Klieman was officially charged with six counts of driving while possessing a championship ring and driving with a championship attitude. Charges will most likely be dropped after Bresciani threatened to sue the South Dakota Supreme Court.

Klieman was unable to be reached for comment, although he would probably say something along the lines of, “Real proud of our guys. Special teams were big today. We needed to get off to a fast start.”

The NDSU head coach becomes the second coach in the Missouri Valley Football Conference in trouble with the law in 2018. South Dakota State head man John Stiegelmeier was arrested for having a bit too much to drink before driving on Jan. 27.

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