Choirs at NDSU perform at first live-streamed concert

Different choirs and bands have gone without in-person performances since the beginning of the year due to COVID-19.

Recently, NDSU’s Concert Choir and Madrigal Singers performed their first live-streamed concert at First Lutheran on Sunday.

During the fall, the group recorded their performance over two days and had the editor string the songs together to make it seem as though it was an actual concert to the audience.

“I prefer the live concert over the recorded one,” Dr. Joann Miller, the Director of NDSU Concert Choir said. “The concentration level kicks up a little bit because you only have one shot.”

Miller said that she can’t speak for everyone in the music department; however, “some teachers prefer the option to stop and revise if needed.”

Guidelines and tighter precautions last semester did not allow the choir to get together in one big group very often, so recording seemed to be the better option at the time Miller said.

This semester, the choir is starting to get into the groove of how things should go. They meet everyday for 40 minutes at a time and then break to allow the airflow to filter.

Students remain 6 feet apart as much as possible and masks are worn at all times.

“We figured out a better way to use the time we have,” Miller said. “And students are starting to get used to their masks and figuring out which mask works best for them.

The masks not only make it hard to sing properly, but makes it harder to interpret directions from the conductor as well. Miller now wears a clear face shield and reports obvious improvement with the students performance.

“I’ve always thought that a conductor really has to show emotion,” Miller said. “Our releases were so much better and it seemed like we were locked in rhythmically better.”

The conductor being able to see their students emotions is also important when it comes to everything working as a whole.

“That’s been the hardest part,” Miller said. “Because I can’t tell if they are really diggin’ it or not.”

With masks and no audience, the choir still is able to push through and make the best out of what they can.

“We have had a lot of growth musically as we always do,” Miller said. “But we also figured out how to make the most out of this situation.”

The next performance for the choirs will be live-streamed on Sunday, May 2 at 2:00 p.m.

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