Piledrive opponents into submission in ‘CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling’

Choose from 30+ official wrestlers or create your own in latest VICO Game Studio release

‘CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling’ will be available for PC Oct. 8.

Coming out October 8 for PC, “CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling”, by VICO Game Studio, features the best that 90’s style wrestling and flair has to offer.

From one-on-one matches to full on free-for-alls, perform epic body slams, knock other wrestlers down with clotheslines or use ultimate piledrives in epic wrestling bouts.

The world of “CHIKARA” is awash in wrestlers trying to out wrestle each other for glory. From signature moves to handcrafted animations, VICO Game Studio has one epic game.A

Many wrestlers to choose from

Over thirty official wrestlers are competing for the title of the best wrestler. They go into every match with over-the-top antics and perform their unique wrestling styles.

Each wrestler also has access to signature moves which can be used to end opponents in fashionable style.

Easy to use controls

With only a two-button control scheme, “CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling” allows players of all skill levels to easily get into the wrestling pandemonium.

Global wrestling

Compete online against up to ten other players around the world and bring the pain. This can be accomplished with any wrestler and any style of play.

Wrestle how you want

There are over twenty-five game modes to choose from. These range from One vs. One, Tag Team, Three-way match, four to ten-person elimination matches, Battle Royale and more.

Handmade animations

VICO Game Studio has taken great care in crafting the animations to every character and wrestling move to make “CHIKARA” a unique entry in the wrestling genre.

Epic customization options

Before the official game comes out, VICO Game Studio has created an in-depth character and arena creator.

This creator allows players the ability to generate a character they want to fight with. The options included in the creator are body morphing, texturing, face mapping, assigning move sets to controls and adding accessories that get affected by the game’s physics.

This creator allows players to create any wrestler they want. Be it monsters, superheroes or real-life wrestling icons, go crazy with the “Wrestle Factory.”

“CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling,” is coming out October 8 and features unique wrestling content, handcrafted animations and an in-depth character creator.

If WWE isn’t doing it for you, then try “CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling.”

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