Check Yourself: Priorities Must be in Line

I sat in Starbucks on a Monday morning, skipping my sociology class while working on what I thought was more important work.

Distracted, this got me to thinking about priorities.

I complained to my mom about how much homework I had to make up from missing the whole week of school golfing in Lincoln, Nebraska and Denver.

In Denver, I golfed with a girl named Daniela from Wichita State University.

She’s originally from Columbia, South America. Daniela is an only child and came to the United States to chase her dream of golf.

Curious, I asked her more.

She told me she has a small golf scholarship and pays for her own tuition while majoring in construction management. She works two jobs to support herself, in addition to playing golf.

And someday, she said, she’d like to go to Stanford University for graduate school.

Golf has a duel season, and golfers notoriously miss many days of school both in the fall and spring.

While golf is one of the most expensive sports to play — top-of-the-line irons like Titleist can cost up to $1,200 for a set —she still manages to support herself while earning a GPA to boast.

Impressed, I spent a lot of time that round thinking about my priorities and how they are out of whack.

Perspective is important.

Head coach Chris Klieman even mentioned priorities in his post-game press conference this past week after a last-minute winning touchdown drive by the Bison to beat University of Northern Iowa on Homecoming Saturday.

Klieman’s son, Devin, had a pick-six that ended up being the winning touchdown for the Fargo Shanley Deacons.

“My son scoring on senior night was the most important part to me,” Klieman said. “Honestly that was the highlight of my weekend.”

Bison football players and coaches, whether we want to be or not, are role models.

When Klieman is seen exemplifying perspective after a big game on Saturday, it makes an impression on me and my priorities, and it should make you think about your priorities, too.

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