Charlie Parr brings old-time music to a younger crowd for a good time

His music was described by attendees as “folk with an edge”

Grant Ayers | Photo Courtesy
Parr performed original songs from over the years at the Fargo Brewing Company.

When Fargo Brewing Company announced that folk musician Charlie Parr would be making his way to the F-M area, few knew what to expect. While many in attendance were longtime Parr fans, others were simply checking out the local brewery on a gloomy Thursday and chose to enjoy some mysterious live music. What they got, however, kept them enthralled for hours.

When arriving as the doors opened to the show, there was a fear settling in that it would be a low turnout. When grabbing a chair, there were three other people in attendance, who just so happened to be the bartenders and sound coordinator.

Over the next hour, however, anticipation built for the mystifying musician. Couples and groups of college students came in slowly over the next hour before the show, concluding with roughly 70 people in the newly remodeled small venue. Needless to say, there was certainly buzz for Parr’s performance.

Before Parr made his grand entrance, he brought forth a lesser-known musician named Corey Medina. Hailing from New Mexico and now residing in Bemidji, MN, Medina has been touring his voice and guitar skills for over a decade.

Coming to the stage as a one-man show with a guitar and some wildly impressive vocal chords, Medina was a reserved man with a sense of humor and a voice that silenced the crowd in awe. Medina was very thankful for the concertgoers coming out to see and support local music, as it allows him to continue doing what he loves across the country.

After Medina performed nearly a dozen “mostly original” songs from his catalog and thanking the crowd once again, he exited the stage and introduced Parr forth. While Parr tends to stick to his voice, acoustic guitar and a handful of other unique one-man instruments, he came out in full force with an electric guitar for the younger crowd. One excited fan was overheard saying “If he’s bringing the electric out tonight, it’s going to get crazy.”

Parr performed a wide range of his hits that spanned the course of his career that floored audiences. Having started his career in the 1980s, Parr continues to perform an estimated 280 gigs a year before the pandemic swept the nation. As a lifetime lover of music, he shined brightest when he saw the crowd mesmerized by his performance.

Keep an eye out for more low-price events coming to Fargo Brewing Company soon, as their promoter Jade Presents has a handful of events in the coming months, including Atmosphere, Deep Sea Diver and Rest in Beats: A Hip-Hop Tribute.

Many newcomers were on edge of what to expect from a live Charlie Parr performance. While some may have had their breath held beforehand, all thoughts were put to rest during the enthralling set. Parr may not be making his way back to Fargo for a small show for a while, but his music is sure to please attendees across the country for the foreseeable future.

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