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Celebrity Nudes Cause Disturbing Uprise

It is probably of no surprise to us anymore that leaks of private photos are a concern we have in today’s world. We have access to the Web, which can never really delete evidence of anything whether it be texts, photos, posts or articles.

On Tuesday, Sept. 2, nude photos hacked from the iCloud by an amateur rocked the internet with buzz about feminism, rape culture, sexual assault and other topics. Women around the world have to deal with the threat that our images, text messages, and other personal files on our phone could be breached and shared with the world. Especially the ones we really don’t want others to see.

Whether these nudes from celebrities were for their partner, friend, or themselves, they did not deserve to be exposed in such an embarrassing and vulnerable manner. The argument often posed has been “Maybe they shouldn’t have taken photos like that?” To which I always have to reply, “Maybe it was meant for a private conversation and shared in confidence, like partners are supposed to have in each other.”

Sadly enough, that has become the abnormal trend for relationships and partnerships lately, and this is a terrible side effect we’re beginning to experience. These women may have had their own reasons to take and store these images on their computer and phone, and people can’t seem to grasp the idea that this reason isn’t any of their business.

Many of the celebrities whose photos were leaked have been brought to the lowest level of humiliation: slut shaming. What’s worse is that modern films have come to the point that actresses are seen naked acting far more suggestive than most of these photos ever showed. Is there a double standard?

Furthermore, the photos released were finally commented on by either the subjects themselves or their representatives, varying from denial to acceptance to explanations and chastising. Others were reported to have been taken years ago, some potentially qualifying as child pornography due to ages at which they had been taken.

I thought it was possible we were taking small steps toward an equal stance on sexual and gender-related topics, but seeing the reaction to this type of small crisis in the media, I see we still have a long, long way to go.

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