Celebrities Endorse Products for Financial Gain

I am, as I have already stated, not the biggest Donald Trump fan. I would go as far as saying that he is making our country worse — just by opening his mouth.

The day that I started writing this it was an enjoyable day. I was on my couch after taking my wonderful dog outside, Shaw, and I decided to go on Reddit.

While I was on Reddit, I found a link to a news story. “Trump says vaccinations are causing an autism epidemic.” Well that is a topic I haven’t heard out of Trump’s mouth yet, so that is exciting.

We get new material, which is just about as ridiculous as before. No matter how ridiculous this might be, we must understand that these statements from big figures on health care are very, very dangerous. We also have to realize that it isn’t just Trump making statements like this.

Trump is not the only person in the past few weeks that has said these types of this. Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback and poster boy for holding puppies and being the best person on the face of the planet, also said something really dangerous.

He tweeted on Aug. 26, “ I believe @Recovery_Water helped prevent me from getting a concussion based on a bad hit! #NanoBubbles.”

All right, so Russell Wilson believes that a $3 bottle of water with some electrolytes, and some more oxygen than regular water, will heal head trauma. That statement is very, very far from the truth.

Concussions are not something that can be healed by a gimmick. They are serious traumatic events that require doctors and proper action once received.

The only reason he stated this is that he has an endorsement deal with Reliant Recovery Water, which gives him money to promote their products. It’s just anecdotal evidence of his miracle water.

Wilson, like other athletes, makes money from promoting something that isn’t found scientifically to be healthy for you.

This spans everywhere, into your personal life as well. My girlfriend’s hometown is ravaged by paper-wrap weight loss. Sorry, wrapping paper around your stomach will not lose weight for you.

This has of course sold because everyone and their brother wants to lose weight. This is the danger of endorsements. People don’t get paid to have a great experience with a product. They get paid to sell stuff.

People are gullible. They are willing to believe anything. If they also have a face behind a product they know and trust, they are even more willing to buy into bullcrap.

Bullcrap is a perfect segway into a paragraph about Trump.

Not only is Trump an endorser of not vaccinating children, he is also endorsed by a cheater, and fellow jerk, Tom Brady.

Brady, who by this point is the most hated football player outside of New England, endorses Trump’s presidency, saying it “would be great” if Trump was president.

Either way, Brady’s approval, Trump has stated something outrageous.

Vaccinations have been in question since 1998 when a now debunked study said autism and vaccinations are related. Now we know that the data was skewed, falsified and even made up.

The only outcome of this study is that people in the UK got more cases of the measles, and it made people who say, “I don’t vaccinate my kids” forever sound stupid.

People need to recognize a gimmick when they see one. Personally, I don’t think Trump is endorsed by anyone who benefits from not getting his or her kids vaccinated. If so, he or she is probably an idiot who just so happens to buy into a gimmick. The problem is that he might pollute other people with his nonsense.

Celebrities are not experts on anything but being on TV, getting paid way too much to play with a ball or being “experts” on having three homes in vacation destinations.

Hopefully you are smart enough to know it is good to vaccinate your kids. Hopefully as a college student you know water won’t heal a concussion. We as the American public must see past these bogus claims, and see them for what they really are.

They are claims made with little to no evidence from someone whom industries know has a trustworthy, pleasing face.

They are not made because of truth. Rather, they are made because of profit potential.

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  1. Erik, your comments on endorsments by celbraties makes me weary. If someone walked up to you and said hold this sub sandwich and I’ll give lots and lots of money you wouldn’t take that deal? I mean come on! Your argument stems from being jealous of ther peoples success. Maybe you need to try to succeed more instead of being this angry little boy writting complaint articles like this. By the way have tried the new phillicheese steak sub at Submart? Its savory flavor will surely be a swim-load of fun!

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