Capcom Releases ‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake

Brings more than just updated graphics

Zombies, guns and the T-Virus make a return to Raccoon City as Capcom, the company behind the Resident Evil series, will release the remake of “Resident Evil 2″ tomorrow Jan. 25.

The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC through the Steam Store or through the “Resident Evil 2” website, which will direct a customers toward the Steam Store.

The original “Resident Evil 2” followed two characters, Leon S. Kennedy, a fresh recruit for the Raccoon City Police Department, and Claire Redfield, a survivor of the plague, as they struggle in the decimated streets of Raccoon City.

Fight as Leon or Claire in their own respective timelines, as they fight, run, craft and obtain new weapons to try and survive the harrowing situation they find themselves in. Both Leon and Claire have nerves of steel, and zombies running around Raccoon City have little effect on the brave rookie and the hardcore survivor.

Alongside the release of this game is a free-to-play 30-minute demo that can be found on the Steam, Xbox and PlayStation stores.

The demo was released Jan. 11 and is available through Jan. 31, giving ample time for potential customers to get a look and feel for this remade version of the game. This is also a helpful tool for the developers, so they can make changes based on player feedback before the final game is released.

As can be expected from a remade game, the graphics have really improved and the overhaul of the game’s RE Engine has helped create a more dynamic atmosphere and creepier surroundings than the original game had.

From the demo to the release of the “Resident Evil 2” remake, there is plenty of time to check out Capcom’s newest rendition of the revered Resident Evil series.

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