Can You Hear the Love Tonight?

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Music is key to setting the mood for a perfect Valentine’s Day.

For some, Valentine’s Day is a bad day. They see it as a day to wear sweat pants, eat chocolate and curse Madison Avenue for their ability to extract cash out of those suckers afflicted with the love bug.

For those who prefer not to wallow, Valentine’s Day is a day for spending time with someone special. That could mean going on a date or watching a movie together. It may also include some wholesome platonic activities like building a birdhouse together or buying one of those gimmicked-up adult activity books with the connect the dots and coloring pages inside. Watching Bob Ross paint happy trees is another example.

Whatever you have planned, The Spectrum’s Valentine’s Day playlist on Spotify will set the mood for any sort of Valentine’s Day romance.

Here are some personal favorites from the playlist:

Lana Del Rey – “Blue Jeans (Kris Menace Remix)”

Lana Del Rey’s music is typically moody and has a reserved post-break up edginess, instead of Valentine’s Day companionship. Still, the Kris Menace remix of “Blue Jeans” is enormously energetic. This progressive house remix of “Blue Jeans” will make you fly.

BØRNS – “Electric Love”

“Electric Love” is from BØRNS’ album “Dopamine,” which features other danceable electro pop tracks like “American Money” and “10,000 Emerald Pools.” Actually, “Dopamine,” with its romantic flourishes and dance beats, is a solid choice as far as complete albums go for Valentine’s Day.

The Clientele – “We Could Walk Together”

This song comes from the album “Suburban Light,” a long, dreary album brimming with ’60s rock influence. “Suburban Light” is the sort of album one listens to at four in the morning under some warm blankets. It’s a rare album that invokes comfort, warmth and acid-induced paranoia. Well, mainly the first two.

Anyway, “We Could Walk Together” features trippy vocals and a warm sound that creates a pleasant intimacy.

The Chainsmokers – “Paris”

These two guys are not going away, ever. The Chainsmokers apparently have done it again with their new track “Paris.” This song will not be overplayed until — April maybe, so might as well enjoy it while its fresh.

“Don’t Let Me Down” by these two guys, who will never be able to have enough money, is also on the playlist.

John Coltrane — “Time to Time”

Jazz is great for a romantic dinner any other wholesome, platonic Valentine’s Day activity, so it seemed fair to include despite this being a mostly pop playlist.

John Coltrane is a jazz legend remembered mostly for his willingness to take chances in his craft. If you’re planning on taking a chance this Valentine’s Day, Coltrane is good inspiration. Otherwise, this smooth track is perfect background noise for nearly anything — even studying.

John Splitoff – “Sing to You”

What better way to express one’s love for someone than singing? Now if you are like many of the terrible singers in this world, John Splitoff does it for you.

Well, Splitoff will not actually sing for your partner, just “you,” so get ready for that.

Whatever. This song keeps it low key and is one of the more romantic songs featured.

The playlist is available on Spotify. These songs are good for hanging out or other wholesome, platonic activities, like coloring or watching Bob Ross on Netflix. However, as far as bird house construction goes — someone should test that out.

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