Campus Bathroom Review Part Two

Welcome to North Dakota State. We are a sprawling university with many amenities. Let’s not lie to ourselves though.

Sure, we could write about all of the obscure things here at NDSU, like the log cabin or the dungeon under Ladd Hall, but come on, do you really need to know about that? Bathrooms, on the other hand, are a part of everyday life.

To the incoming freshmen, you need direction in life. Many of the upperclassmen have been here for years (too many to count for some) so why not give you the inside scoop on a place to take a deuce?

The Good  

Look, these are the ones you want to go out of your way for. The ones you snapchat about and the ones you call home to tell your mom and dad about how comfy and cozy it feels.

These are the winners that are listed on the map and the ones we suggest you go visit. The ultimate get-to-know NDSU experience is visiting all of these bathrooms and taking pictures of your adventure.

The lovely Mylie Herman showing off the Family Life Center bathrooms.

Family Life Center bathrooms

Look, these are a secret; they are small; they are nice; oh my god, they reflect like a goddamn diamond.

Mason Wenzel, student body president, told me these are his bathrooms of choice, adding they are a heavily guarded secret. Expect presidential guards to guard these bathrooms.

Overall, nothing says elegance like a shiny tile job and these bathrooms got it. Go to the bathroom like royalty and take a bathroom vacation to here occasionally.

Family Life Center family bathroom 

Family Life Center family bathroom rated the best bathroom to take a nap in.

Private, private, oh my private. Goodness gracious this private bathroom is huge. Honestly, if you need to take a nap, bring a sleeping bag and some air fresheners. This bathroom has nice tile and is large enough to throw a party in.

As far as sleeping in this bathroom, I would suggest bringing a foam pad or something. Honestly the floor is still hard.

Take that study break. Bring a pad and a blanket and relax to your heart’s content.

A. Glenn Hill Center gender-neutral bathrooms

It has been stated before, but these are an editor’s choice. It should not be underrated the sense of privacy you get in the gender-neutral bathrooms. I was hooked the moment that I locked the door. I took my time away from society with pleasure.

No, this bathroom isn’t going to knock your socks off with aesthetics. But it will blow you away with privacy. Go ahead and play on your phone for 10 minutes, you earned it.

The other thing that makes the gender-neutral bathrooms so good is knowing that they are there for people that really need them, which is something I can totally get down with.

South Engineering 2nd floor men’s closet bathroom

The tiny bathroom of South Engineering stole my heart.

You know the trend with tiny houses? Yeah, this is that concept in bathroom form. If you are looking for a unique experience go here. It is small, cramped almost, but it looks great.

Also, this is a single stall bathroom. Meaning you have it all to yourself for at least a little while. While you’re there, go say hi to the dog of South Engineering.

2nd floor Memorial Union bathrooms  

It has been said before, but these are my Spectrum bathrooms. They are also easily the best bathrooms in the union. First floor bathrooms are gross. Avoid these at all cost. Also, the bathrooms in the basement offer too many awkward encounters.

Another nice thing about the union 2nd floor bathrooms is the fact that it is right next to The Spectrum office and the Memorial Union Gallery. Go check out some art and then grab an application to write for us.

This is also a great bathroom to take your parents to. Show off your student focused, land grant, research university, but avoid showing them the toilet paper, that stuff sucks.

The Bad

These are the bathrooms that you avoid at all costs. If you ever find yourself in these buildings, building hop to use the bathroom.

The bathrooms of The EML Building. Gross.

E. Morrow Lebedeff Hall bathrooms

Student Body Vice President Katie Mastel told me these bathrooms are the worst. Avoid at all costs. That comes with a stamp of approval from student government.

This caught my interest. I did some boots-on-the-ground journalism and found that those rumors were indeed true. Avoid at all cost. The lighting is worth gagging at.

Nothing screams enjoyment. No, rather this one screams bleak nothingness and bland cream walls.

This bathroom is legendarily bad.

The fabled bathrooms of Dunbar

Dunbar can’t do anything right. This is one of the grossest buildings on campus. This might be the chemistry building, but I assure you, you will n0t find any chemistry with this decrepit bathroom.

If I were to give a word to describe this bathroom it would have to be scary.

Avoid at all costs, like don’t use the bathroom, but it is a sight to see. How can this bathroom even exist?

Yes, the bathroom is simply that bad. As Trump would put it, “It’s a bad dude.”


Bathrooms are a part of your everyday experience. You live here. You go to school here. Make the next year of your life pleasurable by at least answering nature in a decent bathroom.

Why should any student pay tuition, pay for classes, pay for books and not have a nice time in the bathroom?

As for your next bathroom vacation, keep these in mind, and remember to never stop exploring.

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