Campaign Team Reflects Candidates’ Character

GABBY HARTZE | THE SPECTRUM (From left to right) Zach Fuller, RaeLyn Leier and Tommy Schmidt are members behind the McDaniel and Fergel campaign team.
(From left to right) Josh Krank, RaeLyn Leier and Tommy Schmidt are members behind the McDaniel and Fergel campaign team.

North Dakota State students are approaching a considerable decision in regards to leadership. Student body elections reflect the general movement in which the Bison population wishes to pursue.

Beyond dissecting platform points and reforms to current policies, students have two short campaign weeks to understand candidates on a professional level and, ideally, unveil personality and ethical values as well.

Discovering the team members who make the campaigns possible adds narrative to candidates.

Tommy Schmidt, RaeLyn Leier, Josh Krank and Zach Fuller commit themselves to the McDaniel and Fergel campaign team.

The running mates reportedly began planning two summers ago with platform construction. Group meetings began in early January, where individual tasks were assigned and complications were ironed out.

Tommy Schmidt, Graphics and Branding

A senior architecture major was solely placed in charge of the design and branding of the McDaniel/Fergel campaign.

“I created their brand identity. And they really gave me free reign, but I ran everything by them,” Tommy Schmidt said. ” … Everything that the public sees – all the posters, all the graphics, the buttons, tee shirts, all the graphics, all the Facebook, Twitter – I did that.”

Schmidt has always maintained a close relationship with the two presidential candidates, but admitted to the challenges the entire team faces during campaign time.

“We’re all college students. We all have other things we need to be doing,” he said. “I know I’ve had a ton of school work, which almost seems like it’s gone on the backburner for this just because two weeks isn’t a lot of time.”

RaeLyn Leier, Public Relations

As a freshman studying political science and agriculture, Leier has passionately approached the campaign by running booths and meeting with student organizations.

When asked how she hoped the student body would approach the election, Leier said, “I hope people take a more active approach to being a student… I hope they approach it with more vigor.”

Zach Fuller & Josh Krank, Residence Hall Association

Fuller and Krank are both sophomores, studying business management and biology respectively. Their involvement in the campaign came in sort of a second-handed manner.

“We didn’t expect to be on the campaign team from the beginning,” Fuller said. “We actually thought about running ourselves. We realized we got the ball rolling a little late, so we decided not to run this year. But we wanted to be in the campaign to get the experience so we got in contact with Josh in Eric.”

The most advantageous elements Krank and Fuller bring to the campaign results from their involvement in the Residence Hall Association. With Krank as president and Fuller as a representative of the Mathew Living Learning Center, they have the ability to access on-campus residents, who typically represent the lowest voter turnout.

As a whole, the unit will work to support the McDaniel/Fergel campaign as fervently as possible until the polls open April 8.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated Krank and Fuller were president and representative of the Residence Hall Association.

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