Brunch and Breakfast at Boppa’s Bagels

My roommate Emma and I took it upon us to give Boppa’s Bagels a visit for brunch one Saturday morning. Thoroughly excited and eager for some tasty bagels, we were very much thrilled when we walked inside to a warmly lit little shop greeted with big smiles, Italian paintings and of course the smell of fresh-baked bagels.

EMMA SCHREIFELS | THE SPECTRUM Boppa’s Bagels has, you guessed it, lots o’ bagels. Delicious and freshly made.

Bagels — bagels everywhere. Savory bagels with an assortment of herbs and cheese. Sweet bagels with crunchy sugary coatings. Rainbow bagels, just because. Large bagels, small bagels. We giggled with pure joy.

We looked around for a little while longer, miffed that we would have to make choices and miss out on so many delectable options. Then we found the answer to our prayers.

Bundle deals.

EMMA SCHREIFELS | THE SPECTRUM Cream cheese? Heck yes.

Slowly we sorted through the different kinds of bagels, giving nods of approval when we found some were still warm. We picked only nine and thought our decision-making was over.

Until we saw the cream cheese. Chocolate, mocha, blueberry, maple, funfetti and more. The decisions became more difficult.

Gleefully holding our stacks of bagels and staring down gallons of cream cheese, at this point both of us were beyond looking like complete goons. But we didn’t care.

We came through the second grueling task with more cream cheeses than expected or needed. Together we walked up to the counter convincing ourselves our goodie haul would be worth the price.

To our surprise, the price was lower than it could’ve and should’ve been. We skipped home and ate more than our fill out bagels and cheese.

Admittedly, Emma and I are easily impressed But anyone would be amazed by this small shop tucked away on 25th street. It wouldn’t draw your eye unless you knew what laid inside, so I suggest lovers of bagels and cream cheese make a visit.

Not a big fan of bagels? Luckily, Boppa’s Bagels offers a large spread of menu options for breakfast and lunch as well.

Bagel and breakfast lovers: take a trip to support this lovely local business.

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