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New Smartphone App Would Help with Safety

The North Dakota State Police and Safety Office is bringing a new smartphone program to students.

The Pathlight app would help increase personal safety and give security service for downloading users.

The app enables NDSU dispatchers to remotely track a user on a monitor in the NDSU Police Communications Call Center any time the user initiates a safety assist, such as prior to walking alone across campus at night.

The call center is staffed around-the-clock every day.

To initiate a safety assist, a user enters his or her destination and estimated travel time in Pathlight, then selects “Follow Me Now.” The NDSU dispatcher is able to view the location of the user’s phone during the safety assist.

Pathlight connects an individual’s photo, which helps ensure dispatchers and officers to know who they are looking for if an alarm goes off.

Since it’s a silent system, potential attackers will not know the authorities are tracking.

The app uses GPS, along with wireless networks, so dispatchers can locate a user’s phone at any time between the point of origin and the designated destination.

If the person does not arrive at his or her destination within the designated timeframe, an alarm notifies the dispatcher on duty, who is able to view information regarding the assist on a monitor in the NDSU Police Communications Call Center.

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