Breakdown of Student Activity Fees

Each semester, students at North Dakota State are charged approximately $641.48 in student activity fees.

These fees are continually reviewed and assessed so as to cover the needs of the average NDSU student.

All students are required to pay these fees aside from how often they use the services being covered.

Student fees can be broken down into eight categories that each has a fixed rate.

The fixed rate of these categories is multiplied by the amount of credits each student is taking, up to 12 credits or full-time enrollment.

These categories include activity fees, union fees, career services, technology fees, health/wellness fees, library fees, ND Student Association and ConnectND fees.

Two of the largest portions of student fees that have been allocated are the fees that go to the technology and health/wellness fees.

During the fall and spring semesters, $8.44 per credit goes toward technology fees, which can be broken down more specifically into services students use.

These student fees pay partially for Blackboard usage, as well as help increase the amount of classrooms that have the technology available.

The technology student fees also help supply students with equipment such as digital cameras, video cameras and laptops that can be checked out by students for academic purposes.

The IT student staff who help service and resolve technology issues around campus, as well as with individual student technology, are also paid through technology fees.

Health and wellness fees students pay for help fund the Wallman Wellness Center.

The average full-time student pays $94.40 per semester to utilize the services offered.

These fees were recently raised by $2.26 per credit in 2013 to fund the additional aquatics services that are now offered at NDSU.

Jacob Isham, a student employee at the Wallman Wellness Center, estimates “between 200-400 students come through” during an average wellness shift.

That means approximately 2,045-4,090 students per week filter through the building, less than 30 percent of the student body.

Student fees are reviewed and approved by Student Government.


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