‘Brawlhalla’ Soon to Be on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Blue Mammoth Games | PHOTO CREDS

“Brawlhalla” has only been playable on PlayStation 4 (in an open beta) and PC, but Tuesday, Nov. 6, the free fighting game enjoyed by millions will be available to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One owners.

So, forget your “Super Smash Brothers” and your “Streetfighters” and join combat experts from across the realms in quick, bouncing and constant combat.

Fight as one of 40 diverse group characters in a variety of different maps with an assortment of 80 weapons (two weapons per legend). Will you fight as the lumbering, powerful Teros with his heavy hammer and battle axe, or will you play as the quick elf Ember as she fires arrows, summons wolves and swiftly stabs opponents? The choice is yours, and with so many to choose from, you will find a fighter who fits your style of combat and who you feel comfortable with.

With all this variety with the legends, maps and combat, what else more could there possibly be in a free-to-play game? I’m glad you asked. Amongst all of this are six premade battle modes.

There is “Free-For-All,” which pits you against three other combatants and you beat the crap out of each other until the timer runs out.

“1v1 Strikeout” pits two players against each other, but every time a player loses a life they must use another hero, with the match going to three.

“Friendly 2v2” allows you and a friend to work together to beat other teams.

“Experimental Mode” sets two players against each other, but with any future features to the game added to the match.

“1v1 Ranked” allows you to fight with your favorite legend and attempt to get to the top spot in the world.

As you can see, there are many options to choose from, but that is not all. In addition to these premade battle modes, you can create your own custom fights in the custom game room. Here you can select which items drop, how many lives are available to fighters and so on.

Finally, with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One owners entering the fray, there will now be “Brawlhalla” players competing across all platforms. Along with this influx of new players is crossplay compatibility for all platforms. Now the main factions of the gaming industry (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and PC) can live and fight together in harmony.

As of tomorrow, “Brawlhalla” should appear on the Xbox and Nintendo Switch stores. PlayStation already has it available in their online store. “Brawlhalla” is available to download from the Steam Store for PC players.

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