Brave the routine life of an employee in ‘Mosaic’

Behind humdrum routine lies an enjoyable experience for gamers

‘Mosaic’ is the latest in the under-appreciated genre of atmospheric walking simulators.

One type of game that is not given enough credit is atmospheric walking simulators with a little danger mixed in. From the creators of “Among the Sleep,” Krillbite Studio has gone from childhood horror to dreadful and lonely adult life with “Mosaic.”

“Mosaic” is a dark surrealistic and atmospheric adventure game about urban isolation and the dread of being a cog in a giant machine.

Living in a cold, overpopulated, expanding city and with themes such as the humdrum of life and existentialism, “Mosaic” has a goal to give players a better perspective on life.

“Mosaic” has players taking control of a loyal employee working for the smothering company of Mosaic. Live the exciting life of this employee as he wakes up, goes to work, works, comes home, falls asleep and repeats the cycle over again.

Eventually, this cycle is broken on one important day.

Minimalistic designs

The protagonist of “Mosaic” is not much more than a human body wearing a pair of pants and a shirt. This same art style applies to the other characters in the game, as well as the environment in the form of dark buildings and backdrops.

This drabness of appearance and apparel seems to match the games overarching themes of being part of a whole with a lack of individuality.

Interesting perspectives

There will be variety (eventually) in the levels and story of “Mosaic.” This variety will also continue with the themes that are being pushed.

From a gif of a scene in “Mosaic” on the Krillbite Studio Steam page, it seems that the main character is racing around on the ground to avoid the crushing footfalls of other people.

Maybe an analogy to the crushing weight of reality?

Great sounds

The sound effects and musical score of “Mosaic” are seemingly creepy as well as continuing the trend that Krillbite Studio has set for themselves in building atmospheres.

Epic adventure

The drab lighting and depressive atmosphere at the start of “Mosaic” may not seem like the exciting start that many other games feature, but there appears to be a dark mystery at the heart of Mosaic which is waiting to be found.

Wrap up

“Mosaic” by Krillbite Studio just came out on PC on Dec 5. It appears to have something in store for those willing to brave its dystopian setup.

If you are willing to brave a lack of driving purpose and the routine of daily life in the hopes of an exciting adventure, the company of Mosaic awaits.

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