Tom Brady: The Savage

Tom Brady won more than just his sixth Super Bowl

Underneath that killer hat is a killer himself.

As I predicted, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. However, it’s really not that hard to predict given they have been to nine Super Bowls since the Tom Brady era. Not only did Brady get his sixth ring as part of the greatest dynasty in NFL history, he also got to give his Instagram followers a sight to see.

Since the middle of the season, Tom Brady has posted videos of him saying words of motivation after a win and about who he’s preparing for next week. He’ll usually say the cliché: “Great team win. Onto (whoever they play) next week. It’s gonna be a great one.” After his explanation, he posts the score of the game and a clip of it too. There is usually some background music for further effect, and then the video ends.

These videos were mainly inspirational and a good way to see what Tom Brady thinks after a win. However, after the last “friendly” video he posted after a playoff win against the Los Angeles Chargers, Brady heard the negative talk about his team. People were counting out the Patriots, claiming they were past their prime, that the Chiefs were a way better team and there was no way New England could win at Arrowhead Stadium. Then the Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game in overtime.

Not only did Brady get his sixth ring as part of the greatest dynasty in NFL history, he also got to give his Instagram followers a sight to see. 

After the game, Brady posted one of his weekly videos, but this one was a little different. The video was of him and star tight end and teammate Rob Gronkowski. Brady walks in with a giant, expensive looking fur coat and shows many different facial expressions. He points the camera at Gronkowski a couple times, and he essentially does the same thing. I can best describe the look like this: Brady looks directly into the camera, raises his eyebrows and opens his eyes more, followed by a head tilt and slight shoulder shrug, all accompanied by a tiny but effective smirk. Not a word was said the entire video.

At the very end, he smiles and shows some teeth, just reaching the point of ultimate savagery. The look basically tells you, “You guys doubted us, but look what happened. I mean did you really expect anything different? Let me just get in this plane so I can ride off into the sunset on my way to a ninth Super Bowl appearance.” To make matters even better, the song played in the video has the chorus “Going nowhere,” so this all but solidifies the fact that Brady knew the haters were alive and well. I think this is one of the most savage things ever done, especially by a guy in his 40s.

I thought that video was savage, and then I saw his post Super Bowl victory video. It’s almost exactly the same as the Kansas City video. He shows Gronk, who smiles and shrugs with a shirt that says “Super Bowl Champions” on it. Again, no words are said.

The best part of this video, however, is the song playing in the background. It was Eminem’s “Without Me,” and he plays the very beginning of the song. If you can’t recall what the beginning sounds like, it goes like this: “Guess who’s back, back again. Shady’s back.” I mean come on Tom. We get it; you’re bigger than life at this point, but why do you have to make the haters regret their decision so heavily. Show some mercy.

Savage is the best word I can ever use to describe these two videos posted by Brady. I honestly kind of hope they win next year so I can look forward to more of these videos. I didn’t doubt the Patriots, and I know a lot less people will next year.

Tom Brady now has his sixth Super Bowl ring and once again leaves Patriots haters in the dust. I will say, much credit should go to Bill Belichick for shutting down the Rams offense all night, but Brady ultimately did enough to get his team the win. They say winning isn’t everything, but in the NFL, it happens to be everything. Until next season, New England.

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