Bowling for Soup Announced for Spring Concert

The band Bowling for Soup (pictured here, lead singer Jaret Reddick) is best known for their 2004 hit song, ‘1985.’

A band from Texas. Four members. And they’re not country.

If you immediately thought of Beyoncé, don’t worry, so did I.

From Tuesday through Thursday, Campus Attractions enticed students with clues as to who would be performing at this year’s spring concert. On Friday, March 3, Campus Attractions finally released the name of this year’s performers: Bowling for Soup.

“We were trying to find a band that was kind of all-encompassing to campus,” said Dani Girtz, the concert coordinator for Campus Attractions. “We didn’t want to pick someone who would maybe cater to one person’s interest or one group of people’s interest. So, we picked Bowling for Soup, because we figured they were kind of like a throwback, nostalgic group. Something people would want to go see.”

Bowling for Soup made their musical debut in 1994 with their self-titled album “Bowling for Soup.” In 2004, their most famous hit, “1985,” was released. In total, the band has 11 albums of the pop punk persuasion.

According to Girtz, Bowling for Soup is very excited for their May performance:

“They were very excited,” she said excitedly. “It’s kind of hard to get bands, because it’s like ‘Do you want to come all the way up to North Dakota? Cold Fargo?’ They’re very, very excited to come up here. They’re looking forward to it.”

In addition to Bowling for Soup, the spring concert will also feature a mysterious opening act.

“We don’t know who the opener is yet,” Girtz said. “We’re working on it, it’s a work in progress. But we’ll announce it as soon as we know.”

Spring concerts have been a feature of NDSU since 1890. Big names have rolled through including Duke Ellington and John Denver. Most recently, NDSU hosted Aaron Carter at the 2016 spring concert.

“I think it’s super exciting to find someone and just know people will be excited and enjoy the music,” Girtz said. “Also knowing that it’s something I brought, something I did and that it’s bringing joy to other people. That’s what’s exciting for me.”

If students are interested in helping to choose the band, think of marketing ideas or listen to potential opening acts, Girtz also mentioned that students can join the Campus Attractions Concerts Committee in the fall of each school year.

The spring concert will be May 5 at 7 p.m., with doors opening at 6 p.m. Tickets begin to go on sale this Monday, March 6, at 9 a.m. Students can purchase tickets for $10. Public tickets are also available, but they won’t be sold until after NDSU’s spring break. Those tickets will be available for $20.

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