Board Backs Bresciani

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education has voted 7-1 to renew North Dakota State President Dean Bresciani’s contract.

Bresciani will now continue to serve as NDSU’s president until at least June 2018, in line with all other North Dakota University System presidents, save Mark Kennedy, president of the University of North Dakota.

Nick Evans, an NDSU student who is the student member of the SBHE, said before the vote occurred, “Given the support that the students at NDSU … expressed, I would also urge the board to vote for this extension.”

Evans cast one of the votes of approval.

Bresciani will continue to play a key role in representing NDSU, representing the school at a time when large budget cuts are occurring across all NDUS schools and the state of North Dakota is undergoing a large budget shortfall.

The executive session in which the SBHE discussed Bresciani’s contract was closed.

The board previously postponed Bresciani’s renewal in June, when seven other North Dakota University System presidents saw their contracts be renewed.

Reasons for postponing Bresciani’s contract in June were similar to his annual review by the SBHE, in that he has difficulty communicating with colleagues and working as a team player.

The Spectrum will have a more in-depth story in Monday’s paper, as this news was announced very shortly before press time.

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