Blackboard Seems to Always Have Problems


Note: This column serves to address various issues of pretty much any nature. These issues may be ones that are frustrating, annoying or even humorous. Reader attention is advised.

In the three years I have been a student at North Dakota State, I have seen our student helpdesk, Blackboard, face a number of problems.

For one, the site seems to crash at least once a week — granted this may be a little hyperbolic, but you get the idea. Any time I need to access important information about assignments or instructions, the site is “currently unavailable.” After dusting off my student email from the summer, I saw multiple announcements of Blackboard being “under maintenance.”

In one of my classes, the professor tries to put as little on Blackboard as she possibly can due to how unstable it is. Then there are other professors who seem to live on Blackboard. This can be great as a student since you have access as long as you have a computer. But when you figure in all the hiccups Blackboard faces, it becomes a toss-up. I guess you really can live by the board and die by the board.

The mobile app for the site is even worse if you can comprehend it. I cannot believe I am the only one who has faced the frustration of trying to pull up assignment details when the app crashes. It became such a regular occurrence, I deleted the app.

I would love to see student government drop the site and offer us a more reliable alternative. Blackboard has its perks, but the cons seem to largely outweigh the pros. Some sort of technical intervention needs to happen.

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