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Bison Pride Friday Making Big Steps on Campus

It is always a good day to be a Bison. This is evident, but a relatively new incentive is given on Bison Pride Friday.

Typically leaders from student organizations will reward students who are promoting Bison pride. I think this is a tremendous idea as it is difficult to maintain school spirit during off times in the year.

This helps students come together as a student body and represent our great school. Bison Pride Fridays usually gave items like Spicy Pie vouchers, which were effective, but the current project gives out Herd Hauler Dollars from Doyle’s Yellow Checker Cab service.

I think this is an excellent idea as the university promotes both Bison pride and student safety. One of the biggest concerns on our campus should be safety, and this promotion should help students make safe decisions. This event is also gaining momentum as people strive to participate every Friday.

I was involved in this excellent opportunity starting a few years ago, and I would characterize it as a slow start. People did not really know about it.

But when people started to learn about it, excitement began to build immediately. Currently, I would say a substantial amount of students know about and participate in Bison Pride Friday.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to partake in an event that brings everyone together for at least one day a week. I would like to thank everyone who was involved in this situation from the beginning.

I know this event has made steady progress throughout the years since I have been at North Dakota State. This event has potential to be big at the current rate of growth.

I am eager to come back to NDSU in the future and check on the status of this program as I have personal passion involved with this specific event. Although every day should have Bison pride, we are taking giant steps as a whole to ensure Bison pride is evident throughout the year.

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