Bison Abroad | On Friends, Growth and Confidence

There’s something about living across the world that grants me this sense of accomplishment.

Rather than visiting a new country and enjoying the typical tourist aspects of it, I decided it would be more significant to move to a new country and get a taste of the details the average tourist doesn’t have the opportunity of experiencing.

MADISON HAPKA | THE SPECTRUM Being far away in a beautiful land adds a little perspective on life.

To genuinely get a feel for a country and what it has to offer requires spending an extensive amount of time in that place. The only way to live the legitimate lifestyle is to place yourself in a semipermanent position. In doing so, my state of mind has developed in incredible ways.

Self-growth is something I never truly put into perspective, until now. It is a component of life someone can fantasize about as much as they want, but it is only when you put your intentions into action that you feel a sense of real progress.

I’ve always had this fantasy of being able to look in the mirror and feel confident with the reflection, confident with the type of person that I am. Although, I still have a long way to go (there is always room for growth), I can say I have reached the point of satisfaction.

Being away from my mom (who does more for me than I could ever express gratitude for), my friends (who I previously relied on for a sense of happiness) and the city I grew up in has allowed me to make myself happy without the assistance of any of the previously mentioned factors.

Needless to say, living in Australia does play a role in my consistent state of happiness.

In many instances, when you ask someone why they’re making the decision to leave home their response is to “meet new people.” Although the friends you grow up with will always hold a special place in your heart, it is truly soul nourishing to meet new friends.

It is lovely to find people who share your values and people who are searching for similar thrilling moments in life. Being as adventurous, spontaneous and adrenaline seeking as I am, finding friends who share these aspirations is exciting.

Being able develop friendships with people from places in the world so far away from home gives you a new perspective on what the entirety of the world truly has to offer.

I’ve been in Australia for just under two months, and I already know how hard saying goodbye will be. I’m excited for the new friendships I still have yet to build in the upcoming months and I’m beyond thankful for the existing ones I have built so far.

Class has been chaotic this past week with papers and assignments due. I can’t complain though, considering I have the privilege of continuing my studies in this beautiful country and this weekend I stayed at the Sunshine Coast, spending Saturday with a surfboard and the waves.

Plus, a challenge is always beneficial to personal progress.

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