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Bingo Not Just For Old Farts

Driving around Fargo, one building never fails to catch my eye: Big Top Bingo.

Its brightly colored sign and giant parking lot always pique my interest.

This week I decided to see what it is all about.

Except for I couldn’t.

Unfortunately, in North Dakota you have to be 21 to gamble, and apparently bingo is a form of gambling, though my grandma would tell you otherwise.

So, I packed my bags and told Mom I was coming home. I am from the Twin Cities, and in Minnesota you can gamble at age 18.

I stopped at the Pot O’Gold bingo hall in Arden Hills to see how much fun bingo really is.

I am told that the bingo experience is relatively the same regardless of the hall. This bingo hall strongly resembled my elementary school cafeteria filled with long, white folding tables.

The average age of the players in Pot O’Gold bingo equated to my grandparents, but, unlike my grandparents, they did not mess around.

Bingo was a sport to these senior citizens, and to some, I just got in the way.

The bingo packages were $6 a piece, and some players splurged for a bingo machine that apparently increases the odds of winning. That is as far as my knowledge of those contraptions goes.

Although I did not win any money, I enjoyed meeting new people.

Bingo is no longer just for grandparents and pre-schoolers. It’s a fun form of gambling that is entirely luck and requires no skill.

As soon as I turn 21, I will be hitting up all the North Dakota bingo halls.

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