Billion-Dollar Divorce Settlement Not Enough For One Ex-Wife


For one ex-wife, it appears money truly can buy happiness.

Sue Ann Arnall, the ex-wife of oil tycoon Harold Hamm, has been at the forefront of a very public divorce that is one of the priciest in legal history. Billions of dollars circle the bowl, or at least Arnall thinks so, after she initially rejected the check worth nearly $1 billion that was personally written to her by Hamm, the CEO of Continental Resources.

Hamm, a big developer of the Bakken Formation in western North Dakota, wrote his ex-wife a check for $974,790,317.77 on Jan. 5. The Oklahoma court system determined this was the balance that represented the entire amount owed to Arnall by Hamm.

But Arnall didn’t think so. Or did she?

At any rate, she banked the billion dollars a few days later after rejecting the money, but the hungry hippo is out for more with an appeal to her divorce case.

“I will not dismiss my appeal and do not feel that my right to appeal should be denied because I have accepted, in the interim, a small portion of the estate that we built over more than two decades,” Arnall said in a statement.


She got her money, along with two houses, a ranch and God knows what else. The appalling behavior and greed of this woman is mind-boggling.

Back in November, old Harold Hamm was willing to ante up and pay the billion dollars to settle the divorce brouhaha. But Arnall wasn’t. She’s been a wishy-washy flip-flopper since this settlement was decided, and her decision to press forward in her divorce appeal is almost laughable.

Does she really think she can get more after cashing everything that’s owed to her? Sorry, Sue Ann. It’s a done deal. Once you cashed that check, you sealed your fate. You’re a billionaire, dammit!

I’ve also gotta say, I’m in Hamm’s corner on all of this, just because he’s playing ball with the court system and with an ex-wife who clearly is out for all she can steal. Here she is claiming she’s owed closer to half of the $18 billion she believes Hamm is worth, after already cashing a behemoth check she rejected the first time.

If Arnall really believes she’s owed more than the $975 million the Oklahoma court system says she is, she wouldn’t have done what she’s done.

She’s shot herself in the foot for her appeal, that’s for certain, since, in the eyes of the court, she’s accepted its ruling by accepting Hamm’s check.

And honestly, how much money and property does a person need? Unless she’s planning a massive donation to charity, I see no reason why Hamm should send more money his ex-wife’s way. She’s got enough to last her to the end of her days and then some, so this appeal for more money is just greed rearing its ugly head.

On top of all this, I applaud Harold Hamm for his cooperation with the Oklahoma court system in this pricey divorce. He’s taken the high road by paying up exactly what was determined to be owed to his ex-wife.

Sue Ann Arnall, on the other hand, should pull her appeal and disappear into obscurity. She is only giving herself a greedy, indecisive image and dragging out a divorce that’s going on two years.

Initially, Arnall should have followed a simple phrase that anyone in her shoes would heed.

“Take the money and run.”

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