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Big Top Bingo

Never in my life have I been this happy to be wrong. Last week I received an email from whom I can only assume is a Big Top Bingo employee or perhaps just an avid bingo player.

I was politely informed you only have to be 16 to play bingo at Big Top.

So on Monday I dragged my boyfriend along to hopefully win big — we didn’t. Even though the place was nearly empty, we had fun.

At first we were thoroughly confused; however, the staff was helpful and understanding.

Upon reviewing my last bingo article I realized I did not describe the game as well as I should have. For $7 you can purchase a bingo package card with three “faces” on it. These “faces” are like your typical bingo card — a five-by-five array with the free space in the center.

In the package there are five sheets of paper each with a different color border. Each sheet has a different set of goals such as: straight bingo and four corners, letter “H” and black out. Each set of goals is designed to make it progressively harder to get a bingo.

It was hard to get a bingo, especially when all of the bingo veterans were playing with at least three packages and a machine (a tablet like device that marks the bingo cards on it for you).

You will not experience true loathing until you are one spot away from winning a bingo and some dude at the table next to you bellows out “BINGO!” In truth, I am surprised bingo is not a common motive for assault, for that one word can either elicit pure joy or the desire to wring someone’s neck.

But it was still fun.

Do not let the old folks or barren parking lot fool you, bingo is a blast.

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