Biden Backs Heidi in Senatorial Race

Phoebe Ellis | The Spectrum
The Democratic party has pulled out all the stops to back Heitkamp

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden joined other democrats at the kickoff event for the “Bring it Home, Heidi!” rally that took place Nov. 1 at the Fargo Air Museum.

The North Dakota Democratic candidates in attendance included Warren Larson, Dem-NPL executive director; Kylie Oversen, candidate for North Dakota Tax Commissioner; Josh Boschee, candidate for North Dakota Secretary of State; Kent Conrad, former U.S. senator from North Dakota; Earl Pomeroy, former U.S. House Representative from North Dakota; Mac Schneider, candidate for North Dakota House of Representatives; Tom Bryant, Dem-NPL coordinated campaign director; Heidi Heitkamp, incumbent U.S. senator from North Dakota; and of course Biden, former U.S. Vice President.

Larson began the rally by declaring this year’s midterm elections as the “vote of a lifetime,” continuing to advocate to “bring balance to North Dakota … and stability to the nation.”

“The redhead gets stuff done,” – Former U.S. Sen. Kent Conrad

Despite many of the speakers running for their own individual seats in North Dakota, all spoke in support of Heitkamp and North Dakota.

Conrad said that Heitkamp will “bring small town values to the state capitol.” He continued to say, “The redhead gets stuff done,” referencing the senator’s red locks. Schneider spoke about how Heitkamp has stood up for family farms and opposed trade policies that hurt North Dakota farmers.

“North Dakota values are stamped in (Heitkamp’s) DNA.”
– Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden

When it comes to Heitkamp’s competitor, Congressman Kevin Cramer, Bryant delivered the following message: “Bring it on, Kevin … Kevin Cramer is going down.”

When it was Heitkamp’s turn to speak, she took the stage stating, “I do it because I believe it’s critically important … to win this election.” Her speech was followed by chants of “We will win!” from those in attendance.

Finally, Biden took the stage, going on for over half an hour about the importance of electing Heitkamp and how he believes that if the country continues in the direction it’s going, then America will not survive it. “We have to turn this around,” Biden said.

Biden also stated, “North Dakota values are stamped in (Heitkamp’s) DNA.”

“Bring it on, Kevin … Kevin Cramer is going down.”
– Dem-NPL Coordinated Campaign Director Tom Bryant

Another big topic throughout the rally was simply pushing people to vote, preferably for Heitkamp, but voting nonetheless and engaging in that.

When voting came into question, Biden pushed people to ask themselves if the candidate they plan to vote for has integrity, speaks the truth and is respectable.

Heitkamp told the audience that “one vote matters,” continuing to tell people to bring their friends, family, neighbors and anybody they could to the polls to vote, as this election could sway the U.S. House and Senate red or blue.

The question of the rally, and of the election, was summarized by Schneider: “Are you ready to fight? Are you ready to vote? Are you ready to win?”

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