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Being around friends isn’t always fun

Why do plans always fall through?

If you’re with friends while you’re on your phone, are you really with friends?

Has this situation ever happened to you: You text a friend in advance to see if they want to hang out. They say yes and the two of you create plans. You start to count the days until you get to hang out, thinking of all the things you could do. Will you watch a movie, go shopping or just get the chance to mess around?

In the meantime, the thoughts of what you might do are all you can think about. All you can think about it the fun you’re certainly going to have.

Then the day is finally here. On your way to their place you are still thinking about what you are going to do and all the possibilities of things you could do. You text them that you are there and they come and let you inside. You’re still consumed by the possibilities of the day. The next thing you know, you’re sitting in their room doing nothing. The question is, where did it go wrong? 

This scenario probably sounds really familiar to a lot of people. Seriously, sometimes being around friends isn’t fun at all. 

Most of the time, I like the company of having people around me. I’m a very social person and I need people. Having that presence around me, feeling safe, feeling a sense of togetherness, that’s the environment I thrive in.

However, there are times that being in that environment sucks. I almost feel obligated to talk to the people that I should enjoy being around. The fun time that I looked forward to just don’t pan out. Somehow the mood of the day or even night changes in a split second. 

Perhaps something happened that day to make them sad or angry, and now they don’t want to do anything. There is nothing more annoying than thinking you are going to have an amazing night and having it be the worst. Even though I’m surrounded by people I like, I can’t enjoy myself. Everyone is on their phone in their own little world, and I’m sitting with other people feeling more alone than ever. 

These great plans we make with our friends rarely work out. You’re with people you love and you’re still not having a good time. Being surrounded by your friends doesn’t mean you will have fun. You could be surrounded by people that you call friends, and feel no better than being surrounded by strangers.

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