Perk Up Your Morning Quicker Than Coffee

Loaded fries are hot and spicy and are great for a starving stomach.

I hate morning classes. I don’t know anyone who enjoys them. However, sometimes classes we have to take are only offered in the morning. Yeah, it’s awful, but there are ways to adapt to this situation that no college student prefers.

I’m going to state the obvious first. Not everyone likes coffee, but to those who haven’t tried it, I would suggest doing so. A lot of college students already drink coffee, so I’m not going to spend too much time discussing this. Pour some coffee into a to-go cup, and take it to class. Then, gradually sip on it throughout the class. You’ll notice a slight jolt as time passes. Depending on how much caffeine you drink, the jolt may be enough to keep you focused for the rest of the class. Otherwise, you might feel nothing more than a slight kick that brings you back to consciousness. Just throw a little cream in there (unless you somehow like black coffee), and you’re ready. While we’re talking about drinks, orange juice is a great source of vitamin C that will boost your energy. Drinking both orange juice and coffee can be an effective way to start your day.

Not only am I going to tell you showering is important in the morning, but it’s also important at night. Obviously, showering in the morning is a great idea to wake up, which I’m sure a majority of college students do. Have you ever thought that one of the contributors to your morning sleepiness is a lack of sleep? Well, showering right before bed can and will help you sleep much better. You may be thinking, “I go to bed every night at a decent time, so that won’t help.” You may get a good amount of sleep, but is it quality sleep? Showering before bed increases sleep quality, thus decreasing your chance to be tired in the morning.

Make yourself a quality breakfast. This can help for two different reasons. If you spend time making breakfast, you will gradually wake up because you’re doing an activity. Also, food gives you energy. It’s a win-win by making yourself breakfast. For all of you “I don’t eat breakfast because I’m not hungry in the morning” people, you’re in luck. You probably aren’t hungry because you haven’t been up for long. It takes time for your stomach to develop an appetite. So, dare I say it, wake up a little earlier so you can create an appetite and start your day the right way.

Using these strategies can help you be more efficient in the morning and throughout your day. Some may already do this and realize it works. For others, they may not wake up no matter what they do. If that’s the case, I would suggest signing up for classes early so you can get a later class. I’m not God. I can’t make you wake up early or guarantee these tips will work for everyone. I’m just trying to lend a helping hand, so the least you can do is give it a try.

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