B-E-T-S-Y D-E-V-O-S, What’s that spell? Failure

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Protesters share concern about Betsy Devos as secretary of education.

Last Friday, protesters temporarily blocked Betsy DeVos from entering a school, and it was the highlight of my day. DeVos was scheduled to visit a public school in D.C. for the first time as Secretary of Education.

As she walked onto the premises of the school, a few dozen protesters greeted her. They did everything in their power to stop her from entering the building and it was pure bliss.

She had to embarrassingly turn around with her bodyguard and walk back to her vehicle. What was perhaps more magical were the things being said to her.

“You were giving money to senators and buying your way to the position. You should be so proud of yourself!” one man said with a voice reminiscent of a South Park character.

He then yelled at her to go back and started chanting “shame.” It honestly felt like I was watching Cersei Lannister’s walk of shame from “Game of Thrones.” Maybe that is why I found it funny.

Although humorous, this strange man had every right to stand up to DeVos. His words bring light to how many people in the nation feel about DeVos’ nomination. She is a woman without the necessary qualifications for the job, and that is a scary thought.

Let’s forget about the fact that she has no experience with public schools, running banks or federal aid. I can admit she has had formal education and she could potentially be capable of making wise choices.

But what one ought to not forget is what she believes about the education system and her goals for it. DeVos wants people to have a choice in where they attend schools. This sounds nice but could be disastrous.

By offering school voucher programs, public funding for schools would be given to religious or private schools, drastically cutting the amount of money flowing through the public school system.

Less money means a poorer quality of education. For someone who is in charge of public education, she sure doesn’t seem to approve of it.

So good for you, Betsy. You made it to the top, but now we are all watching. I’m sure it doesn’t feel great to have people yell shame at you, but I hope it makes you think twice about the future of education.

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