Avoca-Don’t Part 2: Fried

Fried avocado is trendy, but why?

There isn’t much that can beat a weekend at the Minnesota State Fair. The music, the beer, the people and most importantly the fried food. The fair is so widely attended that it’s nearly impossible not to hear about all the great things it offers. This last Sunday, a new attendance record was set at a total of 242,759 people attending the fairgrounds on that day alone, with the overall attendance record being 1.9 million people during the 2016 fair according to the official Minnesota State Fair website.

But does this popularity have too much of an effect on what the fair offers?

With such a large range of attendees, the vendors must go to great lengths to find new “trendy” items to sell to force people out of the line at Sweet Martha’s cookies and into theirs. Normally, the fair is a great time to go out of your comfort zone, try new foods and eat everything that is fried with no remorse. This year, however, was a different story.

Walking into the fairgrounds on Sunday there was a lot of buzz about all the new fried foods. Of course, there are always the classics: cheese curds, donuts, corn dogs, cookie dough, pickles, etc. But this year one item really stuck out to me — fried avocado.

Now, in the past, I have explained how gross avocado is. It’s mushy and green, and I don’t understand why people would want to put something that was originally known for skin care purposes on a piece of toast, but after much persuasion, I was convinced to try avo-toast again and again and again until I enjoyed it.

So, when someone was raving about fried avocado, I figured why not? The fair is for adventurous eating, so I might as well try it, right?

Um, no. Wrong.

Why fry a mushy green thing? Just to be hip? The only things that made this horrific fair food slightly bearable was the chipotle ranch and this only helped if you dowsed your entire slice of avocado in the stuff. Yeah, yeah, avocado is the bee’s knees for some reason, but some things you should just leave alone.

Not everything is good dipped in batter and deep fried. And apparently fried avocado isn’t much better when it comes back up according to a stranger leaning over a garbage can next to the vendor that was selling this trendy fair food. “I feel like I’m throwing up a mix of guacamole and spicy pickles.”

Fried olives, cheesecake and onion rings are all great and keep the fair smells alive, so in the future Minnesota State Fair, I ask that you just stick to what you know.

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