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Audit Reveals Nonresident Fees Waved

North Dakota State, like many public institutions, uses waivers to attract students, and the university uses them liberally.

Between 2010 and 2014, NDSU waived $69 million in tuition for all students, an audit revealed.

During that time period, NDSU waved $5.6 million for out-of-state students, up $2.3 million from five years ago. Graduate and international students receive the most waivers, according to the audit.

Up north, the strategy differs.

At the University of North Dakota, in-state students received the largest amount of waivers, 44 percent. Only 26 percent went to nonresidents.

The report references a board policy that says institutions can award waivers to promote cultural diversity, promote graduate enrollment or for other purposes consistent with the school’s mission.


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